About Jackie

As a little girl, I was always drawing. At school I was always doodling and drawing and attended the lunchtime art club; but art was only ever a hobby, I had to look for a “proper” job.

When my sons left home for university they encouraged me to go back to college and now I attend class one day a week and am at last learning to paint in watercolour. In 2001 I went to Spain on a painting holiday and found that the change of scene and light gave me real inspiration and I started to develop a style and became more aware of what subjects really interested me.

We had been travelling to the Far East on business for some years, but I soon found that I was choosing destinations more with an eye to painting. The Buddhist culture and local way of life, the shapes of the temples and village houses and the strength of the light all intrigue me. Now, as well as continuing with watercolour, I am starting to paint in oils.

Several of my paintings have been bought in the past from joint exhibitions by students in the part-time classes at Evesham College and I sold one unframed, and as it was finished, in a street in rural Italy.

Painting, or even just planning a painting, has made me absorb, rather than just look at, my surroundings. I am hoping that travels to Morocco and again to Spain this year will yield further inspirations for paintings.